Six Hours of Daylight in Detroit

Dabl has the charm you could expect from a southern man even tho he doubts that he was really born there. I think that makes him part of the great migration but I don't mention it. 


I never considered myself a bead collector till he asked. You sure do got a lot of questions. O, you got an expensive eye.  


I heard him tell another customer, the whole world comes to me. A follow up to the revelation that he doesn't leave the city. A rebuttal to the judgment pulling her eye their lids. 


Birds have nests but no roots.  

it seems fitting to me, spiders and birds are natural enemies and I'm certain Kweku has something to do with him. 


I settle on a necklace of Russian blues and three earth stone rocks for Afam. 




feels like a community center. Or a school. Part church 


Danielle Dean’s solo exhibition, True Red Ruin stole my heart.   

it's fresh and thought-provoking. exposing how depth of perspective that overlooked but present in the daily lives of black people talking into their phones or appearing on reality TV.  


The video True Red Ruin (Elmina Castle) takes place in present-day Cuney Homes, an affordable housing complex in Houston’s Third Ward. Dean plays the site manager of a new “Elmina Castle” development amid the existing Cuney Homes, while the artist’s sister and friends (who live in Cuney Homes) play the local residents. In recent years, the historically black Third Ward has experienced rapid gentrification as waves of “economic improvement” have displaced long-term community members. Alluding to historical conditions of Elmina Castle’s construction within this urban American context, Dean creates a fiction pointing to profound truths about histories of invasion and tools of oppression, including capital and surveillance.

Still from the video. via MOCAD website. 

Still from the video. via MOCAD website. 

True Red Ruin presents a contemporary story of gentrification and surveillance told through a displacement of the historic Elmina Castle in Ghana. Read more


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