The Chicago Field Museum

I found a great resource on the Field Museum website. The downloadable PDFs are great for helping me stay focused and discover new parts and perspectives. It is divided by age groups and there is not much for younger learners but I have looked at the sheets for older students and they are certainly adaptable. We also enjoy watching these videos. I find that they are a great alternative to Netflix which usually leads to a mini battle about what counts as educational programming and me making concessions out of sheer fatigue Why am I arguing with a six year old, why is he winning?. There is also a Vimeo page we love. This is my personal favorite.

We are museum enthusiasts thanks to the free passes from the Chicago Public Library. I have also found that Chicago Museums have a lot of resources to help me navigate while educating. These free online resources take our museum experience to another level. Not to mention, how much more capable I always feel. Large museums like The Field can be a bit overwhelming especially if you want it to be educational and interactive, at least for me. My son tends to bounce from thing to thing without really digesting it (I think), which for the most part is fine until we are at the part that fits our homeschooling lesson. Resources like this go a long way for me.