1. Sip & Savor

2. Jerk Shack

3. Lorraine Hansberry

4. Washington Park or Jackson Park

5. B-Gabs

6. African American Firefighter Museum

7.  Harold Washington Culture Center

8. Bronzeville Bike box

9. Washington Park

10. You don’t have to open a fire hydrant to stay cool this summer, find a park with a water feature. Take a team selfie

11. Bronzeville momument

12. The Promontory

13. The Silver Room

14.  Find and take a picture of an edible herbs growing in a public garden. Be sure to identify the herb

15. Bring back a copy of the Chicago Defender

16. Gallery Guichard  :: The Little Black Pearl :: The Silver Room

17. DuSable mural on the underpass near 47th & Cornell

18. Burnahm Wildlife Corridor

19. Midway Plaisance

20. Bessie Coleman park

21. DuSable Museum

22. Blackstone Public Library in Kenwood

23. Milton Mizenburg

24. Muhmmad Ali

26. Fred Hampton

27. Find something you think is beautiful

28. Take a photo of a yellow flower

29. Seminary Co-Operative and 57th street books

30. Find an ivy covered building

31. “Spray Paint, not bullets” facing 55th and KING DRIVE

32. There is no African American History Department or Building at the University of Chicago!

33. You never know what brings someone joy. Find a stranger and record what brings them joy




Know of any business or locations that could have been highlighted? Do you have suggestions for partnerships? What about the timing? Anything and everything is far game. Your feedback will help make the event better.